Wednesday, August 5, 2009

St. George's Bay, Malta (2)

Beauties of Malta

St. Georges Bay Seafront.

The Dragonara Casino Barriere St. Julians.

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Most of the sea frontage of the island is rock.

Hot rocks!

Fishing and relaxing.

The modern technology (mobile) on the traditional transportation...

Surrounded by palm trees, and with sea view, enjoying Mediterranean cuisine.

Ομορφιές της Μάλτας

Πλαζ Αγίου Γεωργίου με όλων των ειδών μικρά πλεούμενα.

Απέραντη γαλάζια θάλασσα της Μεσογείου.

Στο βάθος το παλιό καζίνο στη περιοχή Σαιντ Τζούλιανς.

Οι βράχοι κυριαρχούν στο τοπίο.

Το υπερωκεάνιο SPLENDIDA αναχωρεί για Ιταλία.

Παραδοσιακά τροχοφόρα για ρομαντικές βολτίτσες.

Χαλαροί ρυθμοί, διασκέδαση, αγορές και θάλασσα...

Απολαμβάνοντας παραδισιακά φαγητά δίπλα στο κύμα.


Rita said...

Jasas Phivos!

I sent the your blog's link to some friends of mine who don't have a blog, but who like travelling. I'm sure they will enjoy your beautiful pictures.

Have a nice evening!

Rita said...

... Sorry about the typo: I meant to write

"I sent your blog's link to some friends of mine..."

Cheryl said...

Beautiful photos. Malta does look like a fantastic vacation destination.

Anonymous said...

WoW...some very beautifully captured shots!

ΕΛΕΝΑ said...

Πάλι μας ταξίδεψες όμορφα!!
Πολύ όμορφος προορισμός για διακοπές!!

JamanFou said...

Ομορφιές παντού!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Rita. Terve! Kiitos. Sehan on kovin ystavallista teilta.
Rita yia sou, hi! Efharisto, thank you. Very kind of your!

@ Cheryl. Especiaally with good friends! Lets all go to Malta one day!!

@ flyingstars. Thank you. I have visited your blog and what I have seen is fantastic!

@ ΕΛΕΝΑ. Ταξιδεύουμε Έλενα, όμορφα μαζί σας! Να τον έχεις υπόψη σου τον προορισμό αυτό για διακοπές!

@ JamanFou. Ομορφιές παντού και πάντα!!

Janie said...

The shore and the Mediterranean are so beautiful. Great photos. Funny to see the carriage driver on a cell phone.

Janie said...

I forgot to say thanks for including me on your blog roll!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Janie. The Mediterranean region is one of the most beautiful areas on earth. Needless to say that is the number one in tourism worldwide!!

Mitr - Friend said...

Nice one... I esp. love the pic of the traditional horse cart..
My Travelogue

A World in a PAN said...

Beautiful shots, the Grande Bleue as the French call the Mediterrannean is gorgeous!

magiceye said...

thank you for the wonderful malta tour! thoroughly enjoyable!

lawrence saliba said...

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Protege said...

You really are an avid traveler.;)
I like the top picture in your header and I also like the small picture on the right to your post, depicting an old stone bridge. There is something serene and tranquil about it.;))

Escapist said...

ooo yuh r a devouring traveler!!! !!!!!!!!!!!


Manolo Blahnik shoes said...

Thanks for the post

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Mitr - Friend. Glad you like it!

@ A World in a PAN. Thank you Laura. The Grande Bleue as the French call the Mediterrannean is gorgeous and a fantasic place to be!

@ magiceye. Thoroughly appreciate your kindness. Thank you!

@ lawrence saliba. Thank you in all accounts!

@ Protege. I consider myself as a 'addicted' traveler!! The top picture was taken by my wife Popi. For the small picture on the right to my post, please see :here

@ Escapist. Namaste! Thank you so much for your kind words. Dhanyavad!

@ Manolo Blahnik shoes. Thank you.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

it's incredible that malta can be a whole country when it forms only a tiny speck in the mediterranean...

Lydia said...

Malta now has a part of my heart! Thank you for these wonderful photos.

Rajesh said...

Fantastic shots. I am glad, I can at least see this beautiful place through your blog.

Joops said...


ryliej said...

Oh my, those are breathtaking views!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Mediterranean kiwi. As you know Maria, 'Small is beautiful'!!

@ Lydia. You are welcome. See the last post for Malta!

@ Rajesh. See Ram the last post on Malta to get another idea of what this small island is!!

@ Joops. Glad you like it Joops!

@ ryliej. Thank you for your kind comment!

Arjaanneli said...

Really nice pictures!
The statue was funny, but what do you mean in that "Not in scandinavia"?
We don`t have so beautiful statues here.
Not in Finnland anyway...

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Arjaanneli. Terve! Hi there. Thank you (Kiitos) for you kind comments. In scandinavia I have seen similar statues like that! Derveisin!