Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kastoria, Greece

Most romantic city in Greece
Snapshots by Phivos Nicolaides

Kastoria is a city in northern Greece. It is one of the most mountainous prefectures where there exist noteworthy prehistoric and Byzantine monuments.

Is built in a peninsula surrounded by the lake Orestiada. It is 520 kilometres away from Athens and 200 kilometres away from Thessaloniki.

It is situated on a promontory on the western shore of Lake Orestiada, in a valley surrounded by limestone mountains.

The town is known for its many Byzantine churches, Ottoman-period domestic architecture, and trout.

There are several theories about the origin of the name Kastoria. The dominant of these is that the name derives from the Greek word (kástoras, meaning "beaver").

The city has been for centuries the centre of southeast Europe's fur trade; although the local beavers of the name had been trapped to extinction by the nineteenth century, Kastoria still supports a considerable industry of furriers.

Imagine sitting back on your balcony soaking up the sunset and enjoying magnificent water views.

Kastoria is a fantastic region to visit if you're looking to show your romantic side.

Kastoria is one of the most attractive and romantic towns of Greece mainland.

People visiting Kastoria and its idyllic lake could not hope for better views.

Enjoy fantastic views of lake and the surroundings.

After enjoying time in your exploration of the city, you'll want to explore the lake scene, which is legendary in Kastoria.

Awesome views next to the lake.

With idyllic views of Orestiada Lake.

Most tourists and locals tend to make their way towards the lake and coastline

Evgenia Alexantridi, collecting herself, after the enjoyable strolling next to the lake.

The town has a strong tradition of rowing, and rowers can be seen out daily on the lake opposite Odοs Megalou Alexandrou.

Beautiful view of the lake, very modern amenities, everything is very plush!!

Stunning waterfront location on Orestiada Lake full of cozy cafes and people.

Time waits for no one... how true!

Popi (left) and Evgenia ordering the traditional Greek coffee!

There's so much to see and do here, says Evgenia.

Τo feel the beauty and the romance of Kastoria, you have to walk along the coastline.

An elegant club in a romantic setting sure to delight. There are numerous cafes where you can spend your time talking and enjoying the beauty of the lake.

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they do...
The lake deck overlooks the lake, watch the bird life, feed the gulls and ducks in the morning.

Kastoria region is one of the greatest places for couples to visit while in Northern Greece.

It is a great city to relax and get away from the stresses and pressures of day to day life and is a wonderful getaway for everyone.

Another interesting place is the old monastery and its cozy church.
Petros, Popi and Evgenia resting for a while outside the church.

A chaming cat in a striking pose!

Ρομαντική Καστοριά
Του Φοίβου Νικολαΐδη
Στην αγκαλιά της Λίμνης Ορεστιάδας κουρνιάζει η πανέμορφη Καστοριά.

Η πανέμορφη και γοητευτική πόλη της Μακεδονίας, με λαμπρό παρελθόν, γεμάτη αναμνήσεις, όμορφο παρόν γεμάτο όνειρα κι ελπίδες.

Η πόλη της Καστοριάς, απλώνεται αμφιθεατρικά σε υψόμετρο 620 μέτρα. Είναι χτισμένη πάνω σε μια χερσόνησο, που εισχωρεί στη λίμνη Ορεστιάδα και κάτω από τους εντυπωσιακούς ορεινούς όγκους του Γράμμου και του Βιτσίου.

Πρωτεύουσα του ομώνυμου νομού είναι από τις πιο γραφικές πόλεις της Ελλάδας.

Πέτρος Αλεξανδρίδης, εντυπωσιασμένος με τις φυσικές ομορφιές που αντικρίζει.

Οι βάρκες τα πουλιά, οι πάπιες, η ίδια η λίμνη και το περιβάλλον συνθέτουν άπειρες εικόνες φυσικού καλλους.

Ο πεζόδρομος στις όχθες της λίμνης γεμάτος καφετέριες και άλλα κέντρα.

Η Καστοριά έχει βυζαντινή όψη, μνημεία και παλιά αρχοντικά, λαϊκή αρχιτεκτονική.

Η πόλη σε συνδυασμό με τη λίμνη, δημιουργούν αξεπέραστη φυσική ομορφιά.

Η λίμνη λειτουργεί ως υγροβιότοπος για πολλά είδη πουλιών και έχει σημαντική πανίδα και χλωρίδα.
Ειδυλλιακές εικόνες παντού, ευφραίνουν τους οφθαλμούς.

Ο πεζόδρομος της παραλίας σφύζει από ζωή μέρα και νύχτα.

Ο Πέτρος Αλεξανδρίδης πρασπαθεί στα κατάμεστα από κόσμο κέντρα, να βρει άδειο τραπεζάκι για ένα ποτό.

Η Ευγενία Αλεξανδρίδη απολαμβάνει το πανόραμα της λίμνης και τον καφέ της.
Εικόνες σαν κι αυτή δεν αφήνουν κανένα αδιάφορο.

Αμέτρητες φωτογραφίες στο καταπληκτικό φυσικό περιβάλλο. Η Μιμή ποζάρει ως ντίβα.

Το Δημαρχείο της πόλης.

Η απόλαυση της θέας της λίμνης από τα παρακείμενα κεντράκια.

Ιδανικός τόπος για ζευγάρια που θέλουν να ζήσουν κάτι το διαφορετικό στις διακοπές τους...

Ώρες ξεγνοιασιάς και ξεκούρασης σ’ ένα όμορφο περιβάλλο.

Οι ομορφιές του τόπου είναι αμέτρητες.

Η αυλή του παλιού και όμορφου Μοναστηριού στις όχθες της λίμνης.

Η φύση σε όλο της το μεγαλείο, προκαλεί να την προσέξεις...

Οι λάτρεις των σπορ βρίσκουν την ευκαιρία να ασχοληθούν με αυτό που αγαπούν.

Η Πόπη και η Ευγενία έξω από την όμορφη εκκλησία του Μοναστηριού.

Ο δρόμος δίπλα από τη λίμνη για πεζούς και τροχοφόρα...

Ατέλειωτο περπάτημα, που σε ανταμείβει πλουσιοπάροχα.

Ρομαντικοί περίπατοι χέρι, χέρι στο ειδυλλιακό περιβάλλο και για τις πέντε αισθήσεις.

Η ομορφούλα γατούλα ποζάρει με καμάρι στο φακό του ταξιαδιάρη!

Τα τρισχαριτωμένα κουταβάκια που βρέθηκαν στο δρόμο μας.

Έτσι, είναι η ζωή. Εμείς τουρισμό και άλλοι στην καθημερινότητα.


Janie said...

What a beautiful city. This does look like a romantic place to visit. Your photos are great!

Gvendalen said...

Beautifully! I like this place. Gorgeous photos, Phivos

Janie's World said...

Very pretty little place. l love the outdoor cafe's along the coast of the lake and all the outdoor activity.

Anonymous said...

I would love to imagine sitting on the balcony taking in the view! That is why I visit here :)!

irina said...

Hi, Phivos!

Incredibly beautiful this city Kastoria! And you, by these photos, you made us to know so well ... Congratulations for this work!

A beautiful Sunday with your family,


ryliej said...

I so love those yellow shoes! Great shots!

Joops said...

Another paradise to dream of!

Cheryl said...

Kastoria is beautiful. It looks like the whole family would love an afternoon by the lake. I must make a point to get there before it gets too cold to enjoy coffee outside with the beautiful scenery.

Sending hugs from Thessaloniki-from our family to yours!!

Protege said...

Very romantic and picturesque.;)

Susan said...

how lovely!
I love that lake.
have a great day, xoxo

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Janie. It's a beautiful and a romantic city in all respects. Thank you Janie.

@ Gvendalen. It seems you are a romantic person to like this place Elena. Spacibo!

@ Janie's World. I like too the outdoor cafe's along the coast of the lake. It's another world Janie!

@ The Things We Carried. Close your eyes and imagine sitting on the balcony taking in the view!

@ Irina. Salut Irina. Thank you for your kind comment and words. Kind regards to your lovely family!

@ Ryliej. Those yellow shoes can easily bought from Kastoria!

@ Joops. In many respects it's a paradise!

@ Cheryl. It's less than two hours drive from Salonica. You won't regret it dear Cheryl. Just remember to take with you, your camera. Hugs from Lefkosia-from our family to yours!

@ Protege. Very romantic and picturesque, a great place to be even for a while!

@ Susan. I love that lake too. Have a great day!

Barbara said...

Hi Philip,
Yes indeed, Kastoria IS beautiful !
Then once more,I'm enjoying your humor as you find beauty everywhere ;)
My husband smiled a lot looking at this post with me too !

Thanks for cheering me up on my blog. I'm not over; I'll let you know when I'll be blogging again.
Cheers !

Presbyterian Gal said...

A beautiful place to visit AND live! I can imagine being always happy living in a place like this.

JamanFou said...

A great post,Phivos

Kisses from Santorini!!!!

Arjaanneli said...

You are very lucky, because you could travell so many nice places!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Barbara. Thank you Barbara for your kind words. I like the fact that you can read behind my texts, my sense of humor! I find beauty everywhere as our world is so beautiful, gorgeous Barbara! I do hope your husband agrees with me!! Kind regards to you and your spouse!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Presbyterian Gal. Our planet has beauties everywhere, so we can live even in Kastoria happily!!!

@ JamanFou. Enjoy yourself Joanna and have a great time. Waiting your photos my dear. Kisses from Lefkosia!!

@ Arjaanneli. I'm lucky because I meet so many nice people everywhere I go. Terveisin rakas Arjaanneli!

GutsyWriter said...

Kastoria is a new place for me. I still haven't figured out what your job is? I know you're a writer and published a book, but are you a freelance photographer too or a travel promoter? or a model photographer?

Phivos Nicolaides said...

GutsyWriter. My profession is banking. I'm a bank manager. One of my hobbies is writing and I'm a freelance writer. Kind regards.

ELENI said...

ωραιες φωτο καλη βδομαδα!

magiceye said...

that indeed was a wonderful tour of Kastoria

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ ELENI. Ευχαριστώ πολύ, Ελένη μου και καλή βδομάδα!

@ Magiceye. Good to hear this from you. Thank you very much!

Brad said...

It is indeed beautiful and romantic and makes me feel warm looking at the fabulous photos !

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Brad. Thank you on all accounts Brad for your kind words. Best regards.

J Bar said...

It certainly does look beautiful. Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Phivos Nicolaides said...

J Bar. I thank you for your kind words. I'll certainly visit your website.

Desire Fourie said...

Kastoria is truly a beautiful city with awesome scenery and swans always portray a romantic ambiance.
TFS Desire

Lydia said...

It is known for trout? I love trout!
But also known for beavers that were trapped to extinction there? That makes me so sad. Of course the same is almost true about trappers killing beaver here. Beaver is the state animal of Oregon, but I've never seen one in the wild.

I love the photo with this description that I can't understand:
Η αυλή του παλιού και όμορφου Μοναστηριού στις όχθες της λίμνης.

Also, the photo with little puppies makes me curious. Do dogs roam the city unattended or were these being walked by someone?

It looks like a beautiful place!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Desire Fourie. You just gave a perfect description of Kastoria! Thank you Desire and kind regards.

@ Lydia. It is not known especially for trout, but there is a lot of this fish its special cooking is delicious! The lake Orestiada is protected the last decades. Hunding of beavers is prohibited now that's why the industry of furriers is in deep crisis.
The photo you liked is the yard of an old monastery by the lake.
The little puppies were with a family and some kids. I took the phote as we were driving, that's why you can't see the owners of the puppies. Best regards Lydia!

Laura in Paris said...

What a wonderful promenade!

Anonymous said...

really romantic indeed....simply beautifully captured shots and lovely reading!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Laura in Paris. Une promenade a la rue de Kastoria, dear Laura!!

@ :: flyingstars ::. Thank you so much for your kind comment!

roxana said...

que interesante lugar!!!!!Queremos ir el año entrante a grecia pero de Atenas a las islas y me encuentro con estas belezas en el continente! increible! Gracias!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Roxana. Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras.