Monday, March 2, 2009

The pyramid in Paris, France

Tara Bradford
Writes from the city of Lighs
Paris, France
View her website: Paris Parfait

The Pyramid reflected in a pool of water at the Louvre, Paris. Designed in 1984 by architect I. M. Pei, the structure is made of glass segments, steel rods and cables. The Pyramid stands 20.6 meters (about 70 feet) high; its square base has sides of 35 meters (115 ft).
The Pyramid was inaugurated in 1988, with much fanfare.

The Pyamid provides the entrance to the Louvre.

In this photo, the Louvre Palace appears to be leaning towards the main Pyramid. Two smaller inverted pyramids flank the large one. As always, click photos to enlarge.

The spiral staircase within the Pyramid, leading to the Louvre entrance.

Fountain at the Louvre.

Sunset, February 28, 2009.

Shadows form a triangular Pyramid shape in the reflecting pools.

Η μεγάλη γυάλινη και μεταλλική Πυραμίδα του Λούβρου (μαζί με τρεις μικρότερες) βρίσκεται στην αυλή του Μουσείου του Λούβρου στο Παρίσι. Η μεγαλύτερη χρησιμοποιείται ως η κύρια είσοδος του μουσείου. Σχεδιάστηκε το 1984 από τον αρχιτέκτονα Ι.Μ. Πέη και εγκαινιάστηκε το 1988 με πολλές τυμπανοκρουσίες.

Η τετραφωνική της βάση έχει πλευρές 35 μέτρων (115 πόδια) και φθάνει σε ύψος 20,6 μ. (περίπου 70 πόδια).

Το Μουσείο του Λούβρου στπ Παρίσι ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα και σπουδαιότερα στον κόμσο, γεμάτο θησαυρούς της παγκόσμιας πολιτιστικής κληρονομιάς.

Tara Bradford : Paris Parfait


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Another great post about Paris!!! Wonderful photos Tara..really need to go and see paris for myself now...:-)

Lakshmi said...

lovely pics..Ive read abt it in a book

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Anne in Oxfordshire. Paris is dominating the posts!!! Write something about London, Anne!!!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Lakshmi. Thank you Lakshmi. I wish you to visit it one day in person!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Now here is a place I have visited! Beautiful photos, Tara!!

Crazy Tourists said...

Αγαπημένο Παρίσι!!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Presbyterian Gal. Lucky you are LJ to visit the city of lights!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Crazy Tourists. Λατρεμένο Παρίσι!!

Phivos Nicolaides said...
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Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

very nice article! I love the louvre and Paris, but it's been many years since I was there last!
However, did you know, that we have a simular, but much, much smaller pyramid like that in Copenhagen as well?
great post!
ML, Sarah sofia

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg. Yes I know that in Copenhagen there is a beautiful pyramid. I have been there twice! I have to write something about Copenhagen!