Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Images of Peloponnese and the Ionian sea, Greece

Pictures of Greece

Anastasia Kayiafa
writes from Agrinio, Greece
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A taste of history. The name Peloponnese (also known as Peloponisos) comes from the mythological hero Pelops and "nisos" (the Greek word for island)... so it was named "the island of Pelops"!
Stomio beach in Peloponnese, closed to Kyparissia (A beautiful town in the centre of Kyparissian Gulf.
Stomio beach with its clear waters.
The old castle in Kyparissia.

Kyparissia is known not only for its wonderful sunset.

Impressive red rocks rise above Leonidio village in Peloponnese.
A nice view of Trihonida Lake, Peloponnese.

Lefkada is one of the renowned 'Eptanissa' islands, the seven islands of the Ionian Sea.

Lefkada took its name from the white colour (lefko in Greek) of the rocks in cape Lefkatas.
Gira beach, the biggest one in Lefkada island.
It's a sandy beach with wonderful coloured water.
A paradise for those who love kite surfing.

The city of Nafpaktos in Peloponesse (one of the oldest towns in Greece with history of 3.500 years). In the background you can see the bridge of Rio-Antirio.
Εικόνες από την Πελοπόνησσο
και το Ιόνιο Πέλαγος

Αναστασία Καγιάφα
γράφει από το Αγρίνιο
Αναστασία Καγιάφα
Παραλία Στόμιο στην Πελοπόνησσο, κοντά στην όμορφη πόλη της Κυπαρισσίας.

Η όμορφη και γοητευτική Κυπαρισσία.

Στους αφρούς της θάλασσας...
Παραλία Γύρα της Λευκάδας. Μοναδικής ομορφιάς τοπίο.

Kyparissia, Messinias


Anonymous said...

ευχαριστώ τόσο πολύ τη φιλοξενία στο κοσμοπολιτικο μπλογκ σου Φοίβο :)
μου άρεσε και το βιντεακι της Κυπ/σιας...στη 2 η φωτο είναι το πατρικο σπιτι της μητερας μου!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Cook. Αγαπητή φίλη Αναστασία, η χαρά και η τιμή είναι δική μου. Με έκανες και αγάπησα τη γενέτειρα σου Κυπαρισσία. Να 'μαστε καλά και θα ακολουθήσουν κι άλλες δημοσιεύσεις!

Laura in Paris said...

Oh, sun and blue sky is what I see in your post.. and I am in rainy Paris ...

Anonymous said...

άλλη μια όμορφη παρουσίαση. μπράβο και στους δυο

Oman said...

amazing shots. i would just love to stroll over there and just be awed by the beauty of the place. great job.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

A World in a PAN. Laura you are always welcome to the sun and blue sky of Greece and Cyprus... Hope to see you one day in our region!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Evlahos. Ευάγγελε σ' ευχαριστούμε και σύντομα θα παρουσιαστεί και η δική σου εξαιρετική δουλειά.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Lawstude. Thank you so much for your kind compliment. Your own blog is just excellent! SALAMAT!

Kim said...

What magnificent pictures. Does indeed make one want to hop on a plane sit on those beaches!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Kim, the Mediterranean region is full of these magnificent beaches! The only thing for you is to take the plane and come. You are welcome!

escape said...

by far my favorite post from your blog. simply because i love the beach.

sadly, this post leads me to going out again and just go to the beach.

ipanema said...

what a place! these are beautiful photos you have taken. I enjoyed looking at them.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

The Dong. Salamat Dominic. You have beautiful beaches as well!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Ipaneman hi. Glad you like them. Come and see them one day in real!

Maria Verivaki said...

aren't we lucky to live in the Mediterranean - one of our greatest assets

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Mediterranean kiwi, we are indeed lucky to live in the Mediterranean region! I agree with you Maria. See the next post!!!