Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kitesurfing in Cyprus

Snapshots by
Renos Nicolaides

If you dream of a Mediterranean kitesurfing paradise then Cyprus is what you’ve been looking for. Sunshine, crystal clear warm water, sandy beaches and steady winds make Cyprus one of the world’s best-kept secrets for water-sports enthusiasts.

The beache at Paramali in Limassol is stunningly beautiful.

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a surface water sport that uses wind power to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard.

Learning to Kite surf in Cyprus.

Perfect weather conditions!

Flying the kites.

Renos and Buddy having break.

Relax in the sun, swim in the sea and a whole lot more...

Renos giving directions to Buddy...

Renos and Marios in a beach pavilion!!

A very exciting sport.

The Chinese are credited with using kites for propulsion in the 13th century.

The sport is becoming very popular.

Kitesurfing modern equipment.

Renos, Aggeliki and Marios kitesurfing lovers.

Rodinis in action!

Cute-Buddy with some of his friends.

Riding styles...

Dive to the sky.

What do kitesurfers do when there is no wind...

Cute-Buddy an excellent companion and assistant!

Kitesurfing στην Κύπρο
Του Ρένου Νικολαΐδη

To Kitesurfing είναι ένα νέο και ανερχόμενο άθλημα στην Κύπρο.

Ένας ωραίος και κατάλληλος χώρος για το άθλημα είναι και η παραλία στο Παραμάλι της επαρχίας Λεμεσού.

Ο Μπάτι ο φιλαράκος είναι σπουδαίος φίλος και βοηθός, άμα λάχει!

Στο πρόχειρο 'περίπτερο' της παραλίας.

Όταν δεν φυσά, τα παιγνίδια με τον Μπάτι συμπληρώνουν τη διασκέδαση.

Εντυπωσιακό άθλημα, γεμάτο συγκινήσεις.

Ο Ρένος η Αγγελική και ο Μάριος φίλοι του αθλήματος.

Ο Μπάτι λατρεύει τα θαλάσσια μπάνια...

Τα πρώτα μαθήματα.

Η όμορφη παρέα διασκεδάζει πότε με τον αέρα και το Kitesurfing και πότε με τα κύματα...

Ο φίλος Ροδίνης σε δράση.

Η υπέροχη παραλία στο Παραμάλι και τις ιδανικές καιρικές συνθήκες.

Μάριος και Ρένος συσκέπτονται πριν την πτήση.

Στην περιοχή η ένταση του αέρα βοηθάει το άθλημα.

Ο κούκλος Μπάτι σε στιγμές απόλυτης χαλάρωσης και ευτυχίας.

Πολυάριθμοι αετοί γεμίζουν τον ουρανό.

Εξοπλισμός στην άμμο.

Παρακολούθηση των αθλητών.

Υπέροχη αγκαλιά με τη γαλάζια θάλασσα.


Janie said...

Kitesurfing looks like fun, and your beautiful Cyprus beaches would be perfect for the sport. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime!

Anonymous said...

The kites and the people are dessert for the eyes. How beautiful.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Janie. Kitesurfing is an extreme kind of sport and our son Renos loves it. He is ready to give you a hand whenever you decide to try it sometime in Cyprus!

@ The Things We Carried. The kites and the people create a beautiful picture for the eyes.

Oman said...

i love the kites in the beach. cyprus is indeed a refreshing place. now... if only i cud have that body lol.

Silver said...

I love beach vacations too.. makes you forget all your troubles. ;)


Lydia said...

Kitesurfing looks wild! I think my husband would go crazy for that. I'll be sure to show him the pictures.
In Oregon's Columbia River Gorge there is great windsurfing, but those people have sails attached to surfboards. Big difference from being attached to a kite!

Zuzana said...

I know not much about surfing or kite surfing, but these pictures are a treat.;) Renos sure is a good looking guy.;))

stalamatia said...

Χα χα χα χα να και οι κούκλοι!!!

magiceye said...

sure seems a fun place!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Lawstude.I'm sure you have beautiful beaches as well for kitesurfing.

@ Silver. Very true this! Both your blogs Silver, are golden! I like them!

@ Lydia. When you come to Cyprus bring your husband with you for windsurfing. Our son Reno will help me on that!

@ Protege. I don't know either much about surfing or kite surfing!! Renos sure is a handsome boy like his father!!!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ stalamatia. Αρκετά κούκλοι!!!

@ magiceye. Α fun pleasure place!

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a great place to enjoy! Amazing pictures!

Thanks for your always nice comments on my blogs!

jf said...

Τον αετό παραμάσχαλα και βουρ για το Παραμάλι, άμα λάχει...

Susan said...

hey, thanks for the add! :)
this looks like fun... oh I have such a desperate longing for the beach!
have a lovely day, x

Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Sonia a. mascaro. Ola Sonia. Obrigada, thank you very much for your kind comment!

@ JamanFou. Στην παραζάλη του Παραμάλι!

@ Susan. You may decide one day to visit a Greek beach!

Cheryl said...

Looks so fun, there's kite surfing near our home and Foti is already asking about it. He has to wait a bit though :) I love to see Buddy enjoying the beach too!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Cheryl. You may take some pictures Cheryl from the kite surfing spot in your area and show them to us!

Anonymous said...

I spent two weeks in Pissouri, driving up and down the coast trying to find more than 12kts of wind. Nothing, for two weeks. I was very dissappointed! However the island was nice and relaxing and the people were friendly!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Anonymous. It depents on what time of the year you went there! Go with the wind and come back, You are most welcome!

Anonymous said...

Phivo, nice blog. I stumbled across it as I am growing increasingly interested in kite surfing. Being a dog-lover and Cyprus resident, I have to ask which beach this is. We haven't had much luck taking our dog-ter to any public place in Cyprus.


Phivos Nicolaides said...

@ Anonymous. Thnak you Troy for your kind words. The beache is called "Paramali" and is located in Limassol.